Long Haired German Shepherd


Temperament of the Long Haired German Shepherd


Dog owners will soon be impressed by the eagerness and obedience of the long haired German Shepherd. It is well known that the long haired GSD has a better temperament set alongside the standard German Shepherd. Although the typical GSD does not need a bad temperament, the long haired has an even better one.

Another noticeable difference may be the long haired GSD prefers to be in constant contact using their human family. Therefore these dogs make excellent indoor dogs so long as they're exercised properly. They're highly playful and enjoy playing with toys and their family members. They're also extremely loyal for their human family and show bravery when confronted by situations that want them to guard against harm. Their playful and protective nature makes them excellent playmates for children and even better babysitters.

Health Issues

The long haired German Shepherd suffers from identical health issues as the typical German Shepherd. Common diseases include hip and elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, eczema and digestive problems. Although hip and elbow dysplasia is generally a genetic health issue, another issues could be brought on by careless breeding practices which can make the breed vulnerable to suffer with a number of hereditary diseases.

The life expectancy of the long haired German Shepherd ranges from 9 to 13 years. When you have a lengthy haired GSD, the veterinarian can address any possible medical issues and conduct an actual examination which could include blood tests, X-rays, and other tests to achieve a suitable diagnosis.


Grooming a Long Haired German Shepherd


Dog owners may be surprised at the total amount of hair the long haired German Shepherd sheds. Their shedding is constant so dog owners should anticipate to vacuum frequently and have lint brushes available in every clothes closet. Long-haired GSD hair tends to get matted and stuck together when it is not cared for and brushed properly. Brushing twice weekly employing a metal brush must keep the coat healthy and tangle free.

Bathing is required when necessary.

If dirt or debris from the outside is caught in the hair, it's smart to brush it out over time before bathing. Beware that the long haired German Shepherds coat does not contain enough natural oils to be frequently bathed. Their ears require precise cleaning since ear wax can adhere to the hair located close to the ear opening.

Nail care is important and should be done on a typical basis. Nail trimming should be done by canine owner or even a professional groomer. Along with the nail trimming, dog owners can take their dog running or walking on concrete surfaces that can help file down the nails. Whether dog owners plan to accomplish the grooming in the home or at a groomer, they may wish to get their pup or dog knowledgeable about having their paws handled by gently touching their paws from the young age. This will reduce the danger of grooming anxiety for the dog. 


Acceptance of the Long Haired German Shepherd


Since the long hair provides German Shepherd a distinctive look that varies from the standard German Shepherd fans of the long haired German Shepherd, have had to fight for the breed's acceptance. Advocacy groups are becoming increasingly popular to get the accepted so your long haired German Shepherd can compete in competitions.

The long haired GSD is loyal, intelligent, has a strong working ability and are great search and rescue dogs in addition to police dogs. Whilst the fight for acceptance continues the hope is that one day the breed is going to be accepted.


Now that you realize more concerning the long haired German Shepherd, you may wonder if this dog is suitable for you and your family.

First, you should keep in mind this dog needs a lot of human contact and attentionfrom his / her owner and family. If you are an active single person that is seldom home, or you've an active family that is always running off to attend activities on a daily basis, this may not be the best-suited dog for your lifestyle. However, if you should be just one person that needs a loving and friendly companion that will like regular jogging or running sessions compared to long haired German Shepherd will a great fit!

Along with having a great companion to invest time with, you will also be protected while walking, running, hiking or jogging on those isolated outdoor trails. Also if you should be a family group that loves spending some time at home, outdoors or at the local park you will like welcoming a lengthy haired German Shepherd into your daily life easily. The secret is to help make the dog element of your household and involve him or her in the household activities.


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